How it began!

It was the end of 2015, when I started to feel a bit sick of the life I was living. Traveling popped up in my head and not too long after that there was a flight ticket in my inbox. I was excited for adventure, seeing the world, making international friends and all those things that come along during traveling. Obviously there was a little money issue so I sold pretty much everything I owned and off I went to Sydney.

I still remember the feeling that I had whilst waving to my family and going through airport customs. FREEDOM! Having to figure out what to do, where to go and be all by myself with nobody to lean on was the most exciting feeling ever. Ofcourse I was scared aswell. I've always been able to take care of myself but this was next level. 

In the plane from Amsterdam to Sydney I met a guy named Coen, we had the exact same itinerary, so we both had to deal with a 10 hour stopover in Taipei, Taiwan. I'd never really traveled before so everything was new to me, also Asia. We decided to take a bus and go explore the city. This didn't turn out as the best idea. We kinda hated Taipei... This had everything to do with the lack of preparation, cause we had no plan, no idea where to go and didn't know a thing about this country in general. We got out of the bus, didn't look around too well and started walking in a random direction. We bought a bubble tea which was a bit weird but okay, had a chat with some other travellers and ended up eating a pretty good ramen. Overall we thought this city was smelly, overcrowded and boring so we decided to go back to the airport. Thank god we weren't very amazed by Taipei and had a little bit of spare time. Finding back the place where the bus dropped us off wasn't as easy as we thought. At some point every corner of the street looked the same and we started to panic for a tiny bit. Coen asked around but I think they we're scared of his mustache and his piercing through the middle of his nose. When he walked up to people to ask something they literally turned around and walked away. We would think that this is a bit rude, but they probably had never seen anything like this so I can imagine their reaction. Obviously this wasn't very helpful though. I was hoping that I would be more successful asking strangers the way but my blond hair and blue eyes were also too weird. Fortunately some guy saw us struggling and helped us out. Hero-of-the-day! After a year of traveling I stopped in Taipei again when flying back home. I actually really liked this city then and had no idea why we failed so much in Taipei the first time... Off to Sydney, for more adventures and hopefully less getting lost!