Sydney bitch!

And there I was, Sydney! I got out of the plane, into the train, and I was still with Coen and another girl we met in the plane, who's cousin came to the airport to pick her up, which happened to be someone Coen already knew. I was gonna say 'it's a small world', but after a 20 hour flight you just know that is not true. They told me to come with them to the hostel in Manly but I booked a bunkbed in the Wake Up! hostel in the city center, and as this was my adventure, I figured it was too easy to go with them. I said goodbye, and was alone. Very alone. My backpack was heavy, I was lost, and I was alone. That's the moment you feel like: What the actual fuck, am I doing here'. I found my hostel and was a bit scared of all the loud english people in my room. I went for a little walk and met Shorty, a small sweet guy with a flat mohawk from Germany. He was the first one I liked and had a chat with. The second day I went on an organised city tour and met a few dutch guys and a danish guy. That same day we were drinking (very expensive) beer on a terrace and I lost that 'what the fuck am I doing here' feeling. Everyone in that hostel was in Australia for only a couple of days so we were all in the same (insecure) position. I got myself a bankaccount, a sim card and a tax number. After seeing the beer prices I figured that I was gonna need a job, maybe sooner than I hoped. 

After a few days I went to surf camp, which was in Gerroa. With Brian, that danish guy, and Shorty, the German, and  a whole lot of potential new friends. Or not. I found out that backpackers can be very annoying. Not all of 'em. But a fair few loved telling other about their amazing travels and just bragged, and bragged... Then there's the Germans. They love each other and their own language so they pretty much ignore the rest and just be German with a group of Germans talking in German, in Australia.. Luckily for me there we're very nice people aswell. Alana, for instance. Also a loud english, but one I actually liked a lot. Oh and even though I'm not exactly into men, I had a small crush on the surfinstructor. I think all the girls and guys did. After 3 days of having fun, eating a lot, meeting new people and finding out I absolutely SUCK at surfing, I went back to Sydney. Everyone was planning their Eastcoast road trip so that's what I did aswell. Most people were gonna go with a grouptour, but I always had that dream of buying my own van to be as free as a bird. I looked on gumtree (ozzie marktplaats) and found a few potential nice vans. I went to a place where there were supposed to be a lot of vans for sale, but there was only one. The girl who was selling it happened to be dutch aswell. She had been in that garage with her boyfriend that she actually broke up with few just a week ago to sell the van and had not been lucky so far. As I didn't have 6 grand to spend I left her being miserable and went on looking for something else. I met up with the most dodgy frenchman I had ever seen, who sold a van that looked as miserable as that girl from the van before. It had a crack in the frontwindow, it was rusty and had a fair few dents and scratches. Alana was with me and she yelled; Dooo ittttt, come onnnn, buy itttt! And so I did. I was the official owner of a brand new van, with a crack in the window. $3000 later I had my transport for my whole trip though Australia, unless it would break down..? Not a worry for now! Shorty was interested in coming on a road trip with me so we bought a lot of camping gear, cheap food, even cheaper wine (goon) and we left Sydney!