About me

My name is Charlotte, 24 years old and born in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. Ever since I was a young kid I loved beautiful captures, but I chose to become a musician back then. After I graduated as a  drummer from the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht, I wanted to explore the world. I flew over to Australia, New-Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines and my true passion for photography was born. Click here to read my travelblog. Eventhough I started with travel/nature photography, I'm now also working on portraits, city photography and photo's for companies and advertisement.  Now I'm photographer in Rotterdam and Utrecht,  and I'm the founder of my own company CG Captures.

About this website

On this website you'll be able to find all the information you possibly want to know about me as a photographer, with especially a portfolio with some of my work. My portfolio is filled with the following subpages: Travelphotography, portrait photography, nature/wildlife photography, city photography and company/advertisement photography.

I'm available for bookings and collaborations, for more information press bookings. Click here for my blog, and feel free to leave a message here when you have any questions or comments.